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Root Canal Advantages


  • Cleaning and shaping your root canals :
    First,your dentist makes an opening in your tooth and removes any filling and decay.Then your dentist removes unhealthy pulp with tiny,flexible, files. Using delicate, up-and-down motions,your dentist gently cleans and smoothens your canals to prepare them for the canal-filling materials.

  • Filling your root canals:
    After the infected pulp is removed from the root canal,they are smoothened.The canals are filled with tiny cone shaped pieces of gutta-percha a firm rubber like material.

  • Temporary filling:
    The pulp chamber is filled with a tempory filling such as zinc oxide eugenol and patient is kept under observation for atleast 1 week.

  • Restoring your tooth:
    To protect your tooth and its underlying structures and to give your tooth extra support and healthy appearance the temporary filling is replaces with a permanent filling like silver or tooth colored filling material.A cap or crown usally made of porcelain or acrylic is placed to protect the root canal treated tooth.A crown protects the tooth after treatment.

    After your root canal therapy ,take care of your treated tooth the same way you would other teeth.Brush after every meal and floss before going to bed.Also,have regular dental checkups,cleanings,and other dental work you may needs so your teeth last as you do!