What is Snoring?


@ Snoring is a vibratory sound, caused by air forcing its way between a relaxed tongue and soft tissue of the upper airway (soft palate, tonsil and pharyngeal surround and walls)


What are the effects of loud snoring?


"The institute of Behavioural Science in Hungarian conduct a research on 12,643 individuals, According to the research loud snorers had:


40 percentage chance of having hypertension."







Meet the Team

Dr. Rashmi Gupta
B.D.S. (L.K.O.)


Implant Expert


This motivated team member takes time to ease patient concerns and surpass their expectations. Rashmi has been in the dental field for 4 years and a dental assistant for the past 8 years. She enjoys working with her patients to attain beautiful, healthy smiles.


mehakDr.Mehak Gupta

  B.D.S  (SRCDSR,Faridabad)



A dentist with vision for excellence in dental care. She has complete  knowledge of preventive and therapeutic dental care and her goal is to provide the patients with high standard dental treatment and give them an amazing experience that will fundamentally change their perspective of dentistry.

shivangiDr.Shivangi Rastogi

B.D.S (ITS, Muradnagar)


ICosmetic dental surgeon-she uses a unique combination of dental expertize, technology &artistry to give everyone the smile he or she deserves and the added self confidence that comes along with it. Family dental surgeon. she provides advanced dental services to the whole family & care for patients of all ages that addresses the most common dental conditions & diseases including tooth decay ,gum disease & bite problems




Dr. VikalpRastogi
M.D.S.(Oral Pathology & Microbiology)
Implant Expert

Is a specialist in Impacted Tooth Removal & Jaw Surgeries. Working as Professor in a leading Dental Institute in N.C.R.

Dr. Pavan Kulkarni
          M.D.S.(Oral Pathology & Microbiology)
Dr. Saurabh Srivastava
          B.D.S.(G.D.C., Amritsar), M.D.S.(Oral Medicine & Radiology)

Lead Surgical Expert

Dr. Shivani Utneja
          M.D.S.(Endodontic & Conservative dentistry)


Dr. Vikalp Rastogi

M.D.S.(Oral Pathology & Microbiology)

Implant expert


Is a specialist in Impacted Tooth Removal & Jaw Surgeries.Working as Professor in a leading Dental Institute in N.C.R.



Our Creative Head   


Mrs Parool Gupta    


She is an amazing & highly talented person, who is dedicated entirely to make smirk dental family most efficient, precise, easy to work with, helpful and affordable high quality work  and patient friendly association.


Our Staff Members


Mr. Meet Rai

Mr.Harinder Kumar

Mr Prem Kumar

Mr Aditya Biswas